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We wanted to provide our students and staff with a professional school kitchen ever since we founded the primary school. The kitchen would solve numerous organizational issues we face every day when we provide our students with a meal at school. It was for these reasons that we decided to start a project “School Kitchen for Lotrščak”.
We are aware that we cannot make it happen on our own and that any kind of donation would mean a lot. There are many reasons we decided to start this project. To name a few: the possibility to change and adapt the menu to our needs and wishes, to add more quality to the food our students consume, to organize activities for our students that have to do with healthy eating habits.
We aim to collect 37.500 €/42.000$. We invite our friends all around the world to support us by donating any sum of money. If you decide to donate your money to our project, please note the subject as a donation.
Together we can achieve a lot!
Thank you sincerely and wholeheartedly on behalf of the Primary School “Lotrščak”!
Here is the needed information to make a donation for our school kitchen:

Osnovna škola Lotrščak (Lotrščak elementary)
Folnegovićeva ulica 10, 10000 Zagreb (address)
OIB: 56494929657
IBAN: HR6523600001102557848
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